Our Business Model and Technology

connectGH is a community portal that is owned and operated by African technology professionals and investors. The platform facilitates and supports event hosting, event planning and event management activities. The platform is designed for hosting, planning and managing social events and to promote and facilitate commerce within the Global Ghananian Community. connectGH is also one of Africa's leading online news and information delivery platforms. The platform renders event hosting, planning and management entirely paperless. It enables event planners world-wide to plan their event activities online; send out invitations and announce the event to potential guests; configure seat assignment; conduct all aspects of the event including real-time interaction with event guests priot to, during and after the event; distribute event artifacts; and when the event is over, automatically send out thank you cards to the guests - all done online regardless of the size of the guest population. Event planners can manage weddings, church services, family reunions, proms, school activities, funeral services, office parties, workshops, seminars and other social events. Presenters at workshops, conferences and seminars can share notes on the electronic writing board with the attendees so that they can save the notes on their mobile devices for future reference. The platform is fully customizable to meet the specific need of any event type regardless of the proximity of invited guests to the event venue. Our headquarters are located in the U.S. and our news reporting agencies are the leading newspaper companies in Ghana and the Diaspora.


Community Economic Empowerment

connectGH platform enables Ghananians world-wide to collaborate online and leverage the economic power of the Global Ghananian Community.  We aim to enhance our economic standing in the world by promoting trade and commerce within our African Community.

Event Planning and Management Technology

connectGH proprietary patent pending technology is one of its kind in the world. The platform enables individuals and organizations to host, plan and manage all aspects of their events online paperless; including:

  • (a) Pubishing the EVENT INVITATION online for GUESTS to RSVP directly from the IINVITATION
  • (b) The system automatically generates the RSVP LIST which is accessible by the EVENT PLANNER
  • (d) Generating the ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE online and in the process granting the EVENT PLANNER access to:
  •       --Multiple VERSIONS of the ONLINE HOLY BIBLE (King James, etc) to insert VERSES directly into the ONLINE PROGRAM GUIDE
  •       --More than 2,700 CHRISTIAN HYMNS to insert SONG LYRICS directly into the ONLINE PROGRAM GUIDE  
  •       --Insert VIDEOS and PHOTOS directly into the PROGRAM GUIDE
  •       --Insert other PROGRAM GUIDE ITEMS
  • (d) Generating the MEETING AGENDA for SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS
  • (e) Sending MESSAGES to the EVENT GUESTS during the Event via their SMARTPHONES and TABLETS
  • (f) Configuring SEAT ASSIGNMENT and assigning GUESTS SEATS prior to their arrival
  • (g) Enabling GUESTS that RSVP to UPLOAD PHOTOS they take to the EVENT PHOTO LIBRARY to be shared with the Global Ghananian Community
  • (h) Generating and sending THANK YOU CARDS to GUESTS after the Event
  • (i) GUESTS that RSVP to the Event will have access to these EVENT DELIVERABLES in the future by tapping on the link on the EVENT INVITATION Page.
  • (j) WRITING BOARD the Event Host can share with attendees during WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS. The attendees can store the information as NOTES.


Daily News Dessimination

Hourly news feeds are transmitted from our affiliated news reporting agencies in Ghana and the Diaspora. connectGH disseminates real-time news feeds that emanate from Ghana’s leading news agencies and news reporters in Ghana and the Diaspora.

To prevent publication of fake news, our Editorial Director approval is required prior to publication and each news feed undergo editorial reviews. All incoming news feeds are rated “Credible”, “Questionable” or “Fake” and published accordingly.

connectGH features the latest multimedia technologies; from live video streaming to searchable archives of news features and supporting evidential information. The platform is updated continuously throughout the day with community news, Ghana national news, community event announcements, and community advertisements.  The push notification technology sends out real-time alerts to our subscribers’ mobile smartphone and tablets.



connectGH mobile platform is powered by SoftWORKFLOWS, Apple iOS and Android technologies. With connectGH mobile services, you can read up-to-the-minute news stories with high definition color photos, streaming video, the latest video on-demand news snippets, and breaking news text alerts. No matter where you are in the world, connectGH brings news, community events, social and political events directly to you.